What to do in Cardiff if clubbing isn’t your thing?

Photo via Fred Bigio (Flickr)

Whilst Cardiff is notorious for it’s nightlife, clubbing definitely isn’t for everyone. Whether you don’t enjoy heavy drinking, crammed smoking areas and sticky dance floors, or simply would like to be able to have a conversation with the person sitting next to you without having to yell directly into their ear, Cardiff is a beautiful and bustling city that has a lot more to offer than £1 jagerbombs in Retros on a Wednesday. There are a multitude of different activities that exist outside the clubbing scene, and here’s a brief guide to some of my favorite things to do in the city:

1) For those of you out there that enjoy a few drinks, there are a number of excellent bars and pubs that are definitely worth a visit. These include Buffalo, The Dead Canary and Dirty Martini – all of which are great for a cocktail or two! Another recommendation for a twist on a regular ‘pub night’ is Kongs, situated on St Mary Street. As well as offering an array of food and drink, they also have ping-pong tables, arcade games and table football – a different and fun way to spend an evening with friends!

2) Cardiff also has an extensive repertoire of excellent restaurants, offering different cuisines from all over the world. To recommend a few; Mint and Mustard is an award winning Indian restaurant located on Whitchurch Road, and they are renowned for their clever spin on traditional Indian cuisine. The Hellenic Eatery on Crwys Road is another great restaurant; offering delicious traditional Greek dishes alongside a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. This is just a select few of a multitude of different restaurants located all over Cardiff – a meal out with friends is a great alternative to a night out clubbing, and is normally cheaper too! Another unique and interesting experience that would be great for an evening out is attending the award-winning restaurant The Clink at HMP Cardiff, which is actually staffed by prisoners. Make sure you call and book though because there’s a bit of a waiting list!

3) Adventure golf is another great alternative to a night on the town. There is a fantastic course located at the top of St Davids shopping centre called Treetop Adventure Golf, which is an enjoyable and inexpensive way to spend an evening. They’re open every day, and, unlike a lot of mini golf courses, this one is located inside. They also offer a range of alcoholic drinks (the cocktails are awesome) and they do a great student deal too – 2 courses for £10 and a complimentary bottle of beer, cider or a soft drink.

4) Live music is also rife in Cardiff, and heading to a bar where musicians perform is a great alternative to a night out. Café Jazz on St Mary Street is just one example of a number of places in Cardiff that stage live music. As the name suggests, this bar stages a number of different jazz acts and they have multiple events every week. I would highly recommend checking them out – it’s great fun and gives you a chance to listen to some really great music.

5) Lastly, if you are a member of the University, then getting involved with a society is another great way to have fun outside of ‘clubbing’ territory. No matter where your interests lie, there are societies that encompass everything, from chess to astronomy. Many societies offer opportunities to compete against other universities and clubs, and they’re a great way to meet new people and a stimulating yet social way to spend an evening!

Essentially, clubbing is only a tiny part of what Cardiff is about – there are many, many other ways to enjoy what this thriving city has to offer.

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