What to do with your hidden talent?

Getting out of your comfort zone - taking your talent to the next level. Source: Curtis Potvin (via Unsplash)

By Lilia Ikonomova

Whether you’re just beginning to explore your creativity or already embracing your identity as an artist, the time is always right to put your talent in the spotlight.

Life at university offers a variety of opportunities to find inspiration and share your passion with people who are sure to appreciate it. For starters, joining a society is a great way to get involved with a friendly, supportive community of fellow writers, musicians, or actors. Besides, taking part in socials and getting a spot in performances, will give you the chance to exchange ideas and receive feedback in a non-competitive environment. Through sharing your creative work with friends and tutors, you will not only conquer your fears, but also learn to accept and appreciate constructive criticism. Surrounding yourself with other talented people is both a challenging and stimulating way to develop your creativity and develop your favourite hobby.

When it comes to any creative endeavour, practice is the route to perfection. By making painting a part of your daily routine, you will improve your technique while giving you a chance to hone your artistic vision. One way to successfully channel your productivity is to set up a social media account for your art. Starting a WordPress blog or a YouTube channel might sound daunting at first, but it will motivate you to keep up your work and help you gain an audience and maybe even fame.

Receiving recognition for your talent in the form of awards and applause is another vital step to becoming a professional artist. Use every occasion to showcase your talent – apply for competitions, send your work to agents, participate in open mics – you never know which submission or performance might be your big break into the creative industry.

So draft that novel, form that band, get that starring role – the world is ready for you.

You could join an arts-based society, share your talent with classmates and tutors and create a social media account to promote your work (a lot of people breakthrough in this way). Show off your talent in open mics and performances, which will help you to overcome any fears of public performing, join competitions, win awards, and importantly, get recognition for what you do. Don’t be shy and most importantly keep practising. Embrace it as a part of your identity and you will go far.

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