Where you can grab lunch for £5 in Cardiff

Source: Sean MacEntee via Flickr.

By Ellie Philpotts

Cardiff is a considerate city when it comes to all things culinary. From cocktail bars to quirky independents, an impressive international selection to the most Instagrammable hidden coffee shops, we’re spoilt for choice. But, as cash-strapped students, there’s one factor that dutifully narrows our options down – cost.

Fortunately, Cardiff’s population of foodie managers know their collective audience, meaning plenty of choice for cheap eats.

1. Nata & Co. So popular is this colourful little slice of Portugal, that it’s found in three locations around Cardiff, from the Bay to the suburb of Splott. However, its branch opposite the castle is the prime spot for students whose hunger means they’re only going to make it as far as the city centre. Convenience and charm aren’t the only reasons to visit Nata & Co – their deals include the renowned Pastel del Nata cake and coffee for just £2.50. So although I do English and Maths is not my strong point, even I have figured out you can double this for just a fiver…

2. Pitch. Mill Lane isn’t reserved for nightlife – their daytime delicacies are also worth talking about – Pitch particularly. With an emphasis on Welsh produce and a wide range spanning from brunch to pizza, you’re sure to end up a happy customer. For a humble fiver or less you can become the proud owner of the Instagrammers’ favourite, avocado on bagel; bacon/sausage/egg/mushroom roll; Welsh Rarebit; Chicken Lollipops or a wide range of sandwiches, such as Pulled Pork and, in a nod to our friends across the pond, Peanut Butter Jelly.

3. Hogwurst. Perfectly positioned on the trek back to Taly, Hogwurst are pros at two truly important things – making a mean hot dog, and being nice to students’ purses. The same cannot be said about our waistlines, however, but it’s something. Their Bacon Bap is £4.50, while although this is meant to be about lunches £5 and under, their £5.50 finds including the Classic Hot Dog, Loaded Fries and vegetarian Butty Dog are the tastiest reasons to break the rules (but not the bank).

4. Falafel Kitchen. Close to home in Cathays, Falafel Kitchen is a clear stand-out among Crwys Road’s row of restaurants. Most of their lunch and takeaway menu is £4.50, whether the traditional falafel, enveloped with a generous dollop of hummus and salad in a pitta; Sabich (aubergine and egg in the same style); Schnitzel; Shawarma and Spicy Omelette.

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