Why apply for a CUROP or CUSEIP Project?

By Ashley Boyle

Are you a Cardiff University student? Are you available over the summer period? Are you interested in a career in research?

If you’ve answered yes to all of the above, then you should definitely consider applying to the CUROP or CUSEIP schemes. CUROP (Cardiff Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme) and CUSEIP (Cardiff University Student Education Innovation Projects) give students the chance to work alongside University lecturers on a wide range of current research projects for up to eight weeks – whilst getting paid!

Project applications were made available on the Careers and Employability portal on Monday the 18th, where each projects are explained in detail. Currently, there are projects which explore Big Data, perceptions of teenage pregnancy, materials designed to reduce concussions in rugby, the British Press and even sheep.

The eight week programme pays at £9.36 an hour with an additional 12.07% of holiday pay. This works out at roughly £10.50 an hour, and £2,100 for the project. The research opportunity, whilst also paying pretty well, is a great addition to your CV. University lecturers are also happy to act as a reference at the end of the project – a great credible source to help boost your future endeavours, regardless of whether you choose a career in research or not.

At the end of the project, when all theories are explored and all data is logged, CUROP and CUSEIP students are invited to showcase their work at a poster exhibition in City Hall. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the other student projects. If you’re really keen, there’s the opportunity to conduct a short three minute presentation to attendees, giving listeners a chance to understand how you underwent researching your subject and what you found.

I was lucky enough to participate in an academic research internship last year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As a JOMEC student, I initially assumed I would be eligible for JOMEC projects only, but I soon found that this was not the case, having being accepted onto a CARBS project focusing on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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Overall, it was a great experience that gave me several new skills. I was taken out of my comfort zone and it left me considering a career in research, and I would definitely recommend applying.

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