Why it’s not too late to join a society

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By Olivia Botting

As we emerge from the haze of caffeine and misery caused by the much-loved January exams, students are realising that half of the academic year has already flown by – they spent most of last semester drunk, and they haven’t spoken to anyone outside of their flatmates for about two months. Some students are fine with this, and that’s cool. Go do your drunken thing! But for those who are looking to become more involved with the University…

Never fear, Re-freshers is here!

I’ve recently been introduced to this new concept of ‘Re-freshers’ by a course mate who fits firmly into the former category mentioned above, and was more concerned with the Re-freshers nights out. Apparently they’re wild, so as a side note, they come highly recommended by my perpetually-hungover friend, if you’re looking for something to do of an evening.

But more importantly, Re-freshers is when societies run more ‘Give it a Go’ sessions! These are one-off taster events held by what appears to be every society under the sun, and aimed at beginners. There is no pressure to join the society after the session, and some people just go for the session never to be seen again. They only cost a couple of quid and there are loads of ‘Give it a Go’ events held throughout January and most of February, so if you’ve got your eye on something that interests you, go for it!

On the other hand, you may have been meaning to join a society for four months and never really got round to it (potentially because, like me, you’re afraid of being a loner in a crowded society where everybody knows everybody and you’re the weird newbie) but I advise you to take the plunge! I have been meaning to join Gair Rhydd for most of last semester, and I finally did, with this article (I’m quite enjoying it, if you’re wondering. There’s a headline and everything). There are so many people who only figure out which societies to join after the Christmas break, so at least you’ll be in good company.

All in all, university is a really great opportunity to try new—and potentially weird—stuff in a controlled environment, and it’s pretty easy on the wallet, too.

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