Will the Pfizer vaccine mean a return to normality?

COVID-19 vaccine
Will the new vaccine help to bring a sense of normality back to life? Source: fernandozhiminaicela (via Pixabay)
Now that a COVID-19 vaccine with a 90% effective rate has been developed, it will be interesting to see whether it will mean life can return to normality.

By Tirion Davies | Editor-in-Chief

It was announced recently that a COVID-19 vaccine had been created by Pzifer with a 90% effective rate. The vaccine was tested on over 43,000 patients and has been the most successful COVID-19 vaccine prototype yet.

The vaccine was not the first to be trialed – with 10 other prototypes in the final stages – this specific vaccine is the first to show significant results in the field. The UK Government has even reportedly ordered 3m doses of the vaccine for citizens.

Although the vaccine is not set to be doled out to all citizens in mass until the new year, it does offer a sign that there is hope on the horizon for a life not dominated by COVID-19.

Since the first case was discovered in Wales in late February 2020, it’s dominated headlines, and we’ll all had to adapt to a new way of living. There’s not been an event quite like it in our lifetime; it’s been life-altering for everyone, and we’ve all had to come to terms with a new normal.

Christmas 2019 seems so recent, but all at once an entire lifetime ago. Imaging last Christmas, with all its hugging, its sharing of drinks – it’s impossible to comprehend so much can change in less than a year.

For many of us, the lockdown periods, and the COVID-19 period have been adjustments we’ve now become accustomed to. Perhaps, however, that’s because we’re at university? For students still attending schools across Wales and the rest of the UK, their experiences have been drastically altered.

Life has changed, there’s no doubt about that. Although many like to joke it’s not much unlike their normal routine, it is different. There is a sense of anxiety that still thrums under the surface, despite the fact many are beginning to relax when it comes to the rules and regulations.

Watching films and television from years ago feel odd to see people standing so close, and hundreds crammed onto a nightclub dancefloor. But the reality is, even in February, Pryzm and Clwb still saw its usual crowds stumbling home in the early hours of the morning.

This year has felt like one of the longest, and also like everything’s jumped in the blink of an eye.

This new vaccine could be the answer to returning to our old version of normality. Although many of us won’t receive the vaccine for a while to come, as of course, vulnerable people and the elderly will be the first in line to receive the vaccine, the possibility is still there.

But if, as has been reported, we’ll need two doses of the vaccine in order to be immune from COVID-19, normality will just have to wait a little while. That’s alright, isn’t it? We’ve made it to almost a year!

But the question is – will life really go back to normal? Will our old version of normal be the same even at the end of this?

I’m not sure. It feels as though we’ve lost too much to jump back into our old lives without caution. Though yes, of course, we’d all love to go on holiday and hug our family, it seems hard to believe that the old way of living will still relevant once everyone has received the vaccine?

I suppose, only time will tell.

Yn ddiweddar, ddaeth y cyhoeddiad bod cwmni Pfizer wedi darganfod brechlyn am y coronafeirws, a dderbyniodd sgôr effeithlonrwydd o 90%. Bu’r brechlyn yn cael ei brofi ar dros 43,000 o bobl ac wedi’i hystyried y brechlyn fwyaf effeithlon hyd yn hyn i wrthod COVID-19.

Nid y brechlyn cyntaf yw hyn i’w gael eu creu. Mae 10 brechlyn arall ar hyn o’r bryd yn derbyn gwaith gan wyddonwyr; ond dyma’r brechlyn cyntaf i ddangos gwir botensial. Mae Llywodraeth Prydain wedi, yn ôl pob sôn, archebu 3m o frechlynnau ar gyfer eu pobl.

Er nad yw’r brechlyn fod cael ei rhannu i bob person ym Mhrydain tan y flwyddyn newydd, mae yn dangos fod potensial i fywyd arferol ail-ddechrau yn 2021. Bywyd heb COVID-19 yn rhan o’r hanes pob dydd.

Ers i’r achos cyntaf COVID-19 cael ei ddarganfod ym Mhrydain yn Ionawr 2020, mae wedi bod y brif stori yn y newyddion, a bu rhaid i bob un ddarganfod ffordd newydd o fyw. Nid oes ddigwyddiad fel hyn wedi digwydd yn ein hoes, ac mae pawb wedi gorfod darganfod arferion newydd.

Mae Nadolig 2019 yn teimlo fel oedd hi newydd ddigwydd, ond unwaith eto, fel petai fod flynyddoedd wedi bod. Wrth gofio Nadolig diwethaf, llawn cwtsio a  rhannu diodydd – mae’n amhosibl credu bod cymaint wedi digwydd bron o fewn bron i fod flwyddyn llawn.

I nifer ohonom ni, mae’r cyfnod COVID-19 a’r cyfnod clo wedi bod yn gyfnod o addasiad. Mae bywyd wedi newid, heb os nag oni bai. Er bod rhai’n sôn nad yw bywyd mor annhebyg i’r ffordd oedd nifer ohonom yn byw cyn y cyfnod clo, mae pethau yn wahanol. Mae dal i fod teimlad o bryder sy’n cuddio dan yr arwyneb, er bod nifer wedi dechrau ymlacio’r rheolau.

Mae’r flwyddyn hon wedi teimlo fel un o’r flynyddoedd hiraf, ond ar yr un pryd, fel petai fod pob dim wedi newid mor gyflym.

Gall y brechlyn newydd yma fod y cam nesaf i ail-gydio yn ein hen fywydau. Er na fydd nifer ohonom yn derbyn y brechlyn am gyfnod, gan fydd hen bobl a phobl fwy agored i niwed fydd yn derbyn y brechlyn wrth gyntaf, wrth gwrs. Ond mae hynny’n iawn, na? Mae flwyddyn wedi bod!

Ond y cwestiwn yw – a fydd bywyd gwir yn mynd nôl i’r hen arfer? A fydd yr hen arfer yr un fath a’r arferion newydd.

Gawn ni weld. Mae’n teimlo ein bod ni wedi gweld cymaint o niwed a phoen ers dechrau’r cyfnod yma i ni allu dychwelyd nôl i’n hen arferion heb rybudd. Er, wrth gwrs, mae pawb am fynd ar wyliau a gweld ein teuluoedd, mae’n teimlo’n anodd credu bydd yr hen ffordd o fyw yn parhau i fod yn berthnasol ar ôl i bawb derbyn y brechlyn.

Wel, dim ond amser a fydd.

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