Women’s fencing team looking for perfect end

By George Willoughby

Gair Rhydd has been speaking to Amy Radford of the Cardiff University Women’s Fencing team about their impressive season and cup final match against Stirling which is on the horizon.

The women’s team went a perfect six-for-six in their regular season, coming away with the Western 1A title in convincing fashion. Here is what Amy had to say on their success;

“There have been a few close shaves, but we’ve been dominant at home.

The rest of the team picked up the slack and done really well, despite one or two going missing along the way.

We’ve got quite a small team, but most of our opponents seem to dismiss us instantly”.

Consistency has been a very important factor to the fencing teams success, as piecing together an unbeaten season is not an easy thing to do. But, Amy highlights the importance of good camaraderie amongst the team when it comes to winning.

“Banter is fundamental,” said Radford.

“Without banter there’s no team spirit, and if you’re going to spend eight hours every Wednesday on a minibus with these ladies you need to build up that rapport and trust with each other”.

As well as their success during the season, the women’s team also have a cup final match against Stirling on 27 March.

Preparation is key, but what is well-known with most university teams, unwinding is also very important.

“We’ll just spend our nights in Yolo.

“We love the Students Union, and a week off with some VK’s really helps us get in the mood. It can be a stressful time of the year for people, with exams looming, so letting loose a few times a week can make all the difference”.

Amy also recommends a dose of Tiki Fire before matches, but we’d highly advise against the 75% alcohol spirit.

If the team is to be victorious against Stirling, who play in the Scottish 1A division, it would cap off a remarkable season for all involved. Amy made it clear just how much that would mean.

“We haven’t done the league/cup double since 2016, so hopefully we can bring home some silverware for the club.

We’re pleased to have reached this far, and even if we don’t win, it has been a season to remember.

We’re proud to represent the University and contribute to our overall BUCS success”.

Make sure you keep an eye out for how the team performs, and if they can return to Cardiff as the dominant force in women’s fencing.

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