Working out in exam season

Source: Tony and Debbie via flickr.

By Katie Siwek

How to motivate yourself to exercise during exam season.

I for one, am guilty for leaving things to the last minute. Especially when it comes to the stress of exam season. However, exercise has been clinically proven to reduce stress and lighten mood when times are tough. Here I have complied a list of tips which have been known to help the helpless i.e. me, all year round. (But especially, when exam time looms …)

1. Get up early, wake yourself up with a coffee or water and hit the gym. Get the hour out of the way and then you can get home and shower ready for your day. I have found this to not only wake me up, but also level out my sleeping patterns when it comes to falling asleep that night.

2. Alternatively, roll your exercise mat out at home and either work off a YouTube video (there are lots of good personal trainers that upload their sessions online) or compile your own step by step workout.

3. If you do choose to stay at home, I recommend exercising away from your bedroom- It’s just too tempting to get back into bed- especially in the morning.

4. Write out a timetable, or alternatively work your workouts into your revision schedule. This keeps me on my toes and reminds me that exercising is also part of an everyday routine.

5. Thankfully, exams fall after Easter break, which means the weather here in Cardiff warms up. Take advantage of the heat while it lasts! Walk to the bay, or run around Bute.

6. Work out with friends! Whether this be in your garden, the gym, or the park. Similarly, to studying, you get more done if your peers spur you on.

7. Don’t overexert yourself. That being both study wise and physically. There’s no worse feeling than knowing that you’ve over planned, and you’re not going to achieve your goals that day. There’s also no worse feeling, than waking up the next morning after an evening at the gym, and realising you can’t climb up the flight of stairs in the library.

8. Enjoy it. I am not going to pretend exercise is something we look forward to, nor am I going to pretend that is it easy. But if you follow these steps to an organised routine, exercising becomes part of your day to day whilst lightening the load you might otherwise be carrying on your shoulders.

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