Yolo faces ‘chaos’ as revellers left stranded

Photo credit: Jessica Warren

YOLO, the Wednesday club night at the Students’ Union, has received criticism after what was described by revellers as ‘chaos’, as hundreds of students were left stranded along Park Place after entry was closed, with some reportedly ‘bloody’ in the ensuing confusion.

Many described their confusion about entry into the event, after a scheduled opening time of 9:30, instead of the usual 10:30. Hundreds of partygoers were left in long queues along Park Place, or funnelled between barriers or on the steps, after entry was refused by approximately 10:30.

Reports from witnesses have described the scenes that unfolded as a result as ‘terrifying’ and ‘horrific’, with a number describing people being thrown to the ground, or hurt as they tried to make their way out of the queues.

A fire alarm interrupted the event after scenes had begun to calm down, with over 2000 students led safely out after a delay when the music was paused. It is as yet uncertain who was responsible, with further enquiries taking place.

Y Plas, the location of the nights, has a capacity of around 2000, and has been criticised in the past, notably on the Halloween event of 2015, after long queues and an unstable number of entries. Since then, the club nights have received an overall positive reception, as shown in research conducted by Gair Rhydd for this week’s issue.

The Union are yet to comment on proceedings, but will no doubt be keen to analyse what went wrong, and how it could be corrected for the future.