Your guide to the SU’s Spring Elections

Students' Union u-turns
A u-turn is now taking place. Source: Cardiff University Students' Union

By Jonas Jamarik

Once again, the academic year is heading closer and closer towards the Student Union’s Spring Elections. On Monday 2 March, the polls open and students will be able to vote in the 2020 elections. But, what positions will students be voting for? 17 positions will be up for grabs across the Students’ Union with nominations staying open until 11am on February 4.

Sabbatical Officers

Firstly, students will be electing new Sabbatical Officers who form the team of Vice Presidents within the Student Union. Within the Sabbatical team, there are various officers. In no particular order, students will have the opportunity to elect a new Vice President (VP) Education who represents Cardiff University students’ academic interests when communicating with the University and oversees the Student Academic Representative system, a new VP Heath Park Campus who will represent the academic interests and welfare of students studying at the Heath Park Campus when communicating with the University, and VP Postgraduate Students is also up for grabs, giving students the opportunity to elect somebody to represent the interests and welfare of postgraduates at Cardiff University.

Students will also be voting for VP Societies and Volunteering who is responsible for developing and organising societies, organising Students’ Union events, and supporting volunteers within the Union, a new VP Sports and Athletic Union who develops student-led sports throughout the community and University, and VP Welfare and Campaigns who represents all of Cardiff University’s students when dealing with decision making bodies in the University and the local community on student-related welfare issues whilst also supporting campaign officers.

Finally, students will also vote for a new Students’ Union President who leads both the Sabbatical Officer team and the Students Union as a whole. The Vice President represents students when dealing with the University and acts as the key link between the University and the students.

Campaign Officers

Students will also have the opportunity to vote on new Campaign Officers who are responsible for representing and campaigning for issues relevant to the student groups they represent. Again, in no particular order, students will be able to vote for a new Black and Ethnic Minorities Officer who represents the interests of and campaigns for black and minority ethnic (BME) students, an Ethical and Environmental Officer to represent students’ ethical and environmental interests, and an International Students Officer to represent international students.

Additionally, new LGBT+ (Open) and LGBT+ (Trans) Officers who represent lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students’ interests, a Mature Students Officer who represents the interests of mature students, and a Mental Health Officer will also be elected.

Last but not least, students will also have the opportunity to vote for a Students with Disabilities Officer who represents and campaigns for students with disabilities, a Welsh Language Officer who will represent the interests of Welsh-speaking students within the University and the Union, and a Women’s Officer who represents the interests of students who define as women throughout the University and Union.

Nominations for these positions will be closing at 11am on Tuesday 4 February. After this, candidates will spend time producing manifestos to inform students on their policy proposals and the polls will open at 9am on Monday 2 March. Students are able to nominate themselves, access manifestos and vote via the Students’ Union website.


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