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Rotterdam | Theatre Review

Words by Anna Whitfield
Growing up in our current political climate, I constantly see that the world can be a very for  people who don’t fit into...

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Victoria | Ballet Review

Words by Saoirse O’Connor
I spent my Saturdays through Sixth Form volunteering in an old country manor once owned by Queen Victoria’s favourite prime...

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Werq the World | Review

Words by Martha Hughes
As a long-time follower of the Ru Paul’s Drag Race brand, the prospect of attending Werq the World at Cardiff Millennium Centre was an...

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Review | Hello Cabaret

By Victoria Maria
It is Friday Night. I pack my bag, get my tickets, try to dress elegantly because I’m about to go to the Cabaret now in Cardiff...

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Class | Theatre Review

Words by Andrea Drobna
Performed on an intimate stage in Cardiff’s Millennium Centre, Class was set in a singular primary school classroom, all the scenes...

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Review | Bodyguard

By Indigo Jones
The show started with a bang, literally, immediately submerging the audience in the drama. The musical began as it intended to...

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Carmen | Review

By Dolunay Dogahan
A rather intriguing mix of a band consisting of guitar, percussion and the saxophone sets the mood for this intimate act of Bizet’s Carmen...

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Review | Colabro

By Yi Lam Tang
A musical theatre group, who formed for only one month before the eighth season of Britain’s Got Talent, had amazed the judges...

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Review | Bottom

By Sarah Rawle
Top or Bottom? If you haven’t been asked this question yourself, you have likely heard it before. Maybe not sung to you...

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Review | The Mirror Crack’d

By Saoirse O’Connor
Agatha Christie’s name is synonymous with the modern detective story, her influence evident in modern shows like Death...