Meet the Team

Quench Editorial Team 2019/20:

Editor-in-Chief: Katie May Huxtable
Deputy Editor: Luisa De la Concha Montes

Head of Design: Orlagh Turner
Deputy Head of Design: Ula Rodakowska
Photography: Charlie Troulan and Ella Cuss
Head Illustrator: YL Tang
Web Manager & Designer: TBA
Q3 Editor: Jasmine Snow
Q3 Deputy Editor: Eduardo Karas and Nidhi Pattni

Social Media Manager: Tom Davis
Social Media Assistants: Janaki Selvaratnum and Coby Barker

Columnist: Phoebe Grinter
Features: Rhianna Hurren-Myers, Rebecca Astill and Elly Coyle
Culture: Sofia Brizio and Neus Forner
Clebar: Indigo Jones
Food & Drink: Emily Stanton and Lauren Stenning
Travel: Molly Govus and Marcus Yeatman-Crouch
Music: Josh Ong, James McClements and Kate Waldock
Fashion & Beauty: Sophie Coombs and Emily Ricalton
Film & TV: Caleb Carter, Cynthia Vera and Laura Dazon
Technology: Mike O’Brien and Emma Murphy
Agony Aunt: Ella Woodcock
Copy Editors: Ellie Ball, Izzy Wackett and Denise Dogan