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Spotify Wrapped 2018 is here!

by Alex Payne

As a part of their Christmas marketing push, streaming platform Spotify has released their third iteration of “Wrapped”, the annual predecessor to their previous feature “Year in Music”. Within, Premium spotify users can get access to a wealth of interesting (and embarrassing!) statistics, presented over ten glossy slides. Read on to see what’s new, and how you can see your own statistics!  

Listeners are first showed what songs they first started the year with – personally, mine started off a little shaky with Raf by A$AP Mob; someone was clearly feeling boujee on New Year’s day! A couple of new statistics have also emerged this year, the first being the oldest song you’ve listened to, and the somewhat questionable “What Star Sign you Listened to Most”. I’m sure someone will appreciate it. Users can also see the amount of time they’ve spent listening this year, and their favourite artists, songs and genres. While my top genres was pretty solid, with an eclectic mix of Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Indie and Dance, I’d rather not have been reminded of the amount of times I’ve listened to God’s Plan this year; it was catchy at one point!

It seems like I won’t be alone in having Drake on my top artists this year, as he’s apparently Spotify’s most streamed artist this year, with 8.2 Billion plays. Numbers are fun to look at, but Spotify has also curated several playlists, one with listeners top 100 songs, and another suggesting some songs you may not have considered to break you out of your music rut.

On the final slide, spotify emphasises the social element, encouraging everyone to share and compare their glitzy stats card with all their followers. A continuation of this years campaign, these colourful charts will be seen alongside a selection of tongue in cheek adverts that highlight some of the platforms weirdest playlist names, which have plastered some hilarious typos on billboards globally. Clam meditation, anyone?

Check out your own listening habits here.