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Agony Aunt

Valentines Day

Here we are again.

It seemed wrong to skip this opportunity to complain about how single I am. Still. Maybe even through a few snide comments to those...

Agony Aunt

Staying Safe At Night

Recent weeks have seen reports of anti-social, suspicious and threatening behavior spike. Reminding us all too harshly of the dangers associated with living in...


The truth behind PTSD

You may have heard of the term PTSD before, you may have not. Maybe, you’ve heard the term of ‘shell shock’ or ‘war neurosis’ to describe what we now...

Agony Aunt

Battling Homesickness

Homesickness. It can creep up on us when we don’t expect it. For some, it is inevitable. For those of us who are lucky enough, it steers clear. The best way...

Agony Aunt

Respecting The Friend-Zone

Love. The catalyst for so much of our struggling. Failed attempts can lead to people being left ‘friend-zoned’ and hurting. However,  this article is...

Agony Aunt

What To Do On THOSE Days.

We all have them.
“One of those days”
Even with the lack of a proper adjective, everyone can relate to how you feel during those days. Personally, I find...