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Meg Sharma
Twitter: @meg_c_s
Meg loves three things, dogs, music and Xpress.

Unfortunately her ideas for a station presented entirely by dogs won’t be happening… yet.

Danni Diston
Twitter: @dannidddd
Fitting for her role at Xpress, Danni can talk for Wales. When shes not in the studio, she’s probably researching unsolved mysteries or watching videos of drag queens.

Curtis Neesam
Twitter: @Curtis_neesam
Curtis is a general do-gooder who is happy to help out wherever he can. If you can't find him in the media office, he will likely be lurking in Pepe's on Salisbury road.

Keiran Manetta Jones
Twitter: @Keiran_MJones
Rumour has it Keiran wasn't born, he just appeared in the studio one day and remained for eternity. Now he trains Newbies with his wisdom...

Ryan Beckerleg

Production and Station Sound Coordinator
Twitter: @RyanBeckz
Ryan makes sure we sound all fancy and fresh, even if it means he never leaves the pre-rec studio... his PhD can wait.

Michael Ash

Technical Operator
Twitter: @mja_voice
Michael lives in the cupboard making sure Xpress is always working. Rumour has it he only leaves to buy savoury pastries, but we’ve never seen him...

Munro Page

Production and Creative Arts Coordinator
Twitter: @DeusExMackia
Munro is passionate about music, cars and politics. He loves messing about in the pre-rec studio making a bajillion podcasts and other fun things!

Alys Hewitt

Creative Arts Coordinator
Twitter: @alyshewitt
Alys loves ranting about politics and social issues, as well as discovering new music, so she feels very at home in the studio!

Pranav Kanade

Sports Coordinator
Pranav loves all things sports. When he's not playing sport, he's watching it or talking about it on air. Some may say this is his ‘goal’ in life...

Steph Rowe

Marketing and Media Coordinator
Twitter: @Stephanappa
Steph can often be found watching videos of cute dogs or creepy documentaries about conspiracy theories. These two topics are definitely her favourite to rant about when in the studio.

Freja Elsy

Music Coordinator
Twitter: @FreyjaElsy
Freyja’s whole life is music! Not only does she study it, she’s also in charge of organising interviews of bands & artists, sessions, gigs & overseeing specialist shows

Bethan Willis

Playlists Coordinator
Twitter: @BethanWillis
Bethan is excited to pick our playlists because she loves being passed the aux cord on roadtrips, so this is pretty similar

Emilia Jansson

Events Coordinator
Emilia loves the sea. When not organising events for Xpress you can find her on a sailing boat, trying to organise an event in the ocean. We’re not sure its feasible...

Tristan Skelley

DJ Coordinator
Twitter: @tristan_skelley
Tristan enjoys jumping around to new music he's found on Soundcloud pretending to be a headline DJ, but never understands when his housemates ask him to be quiet at 3am

Aled Huw Russell

Welsh Coordinator
Twitter: @Aledhuw_
Aled's masterplan is for Xpress Radio to eventually play only Welsh language music all day every day - we think he forgot about the shows...

Rob William Jones

Welsh Production Coordinator
Twitter: @Robgoiawn
Rob is an ‘r’-roller. But don’t be fooled by his frequent voiced alveolar trills, he’s a student of English - so we think he’s probably fluent.

Sam Macgregor

Social Media Manager
Twitter: @sam__mac
Sam loves Xpress SO MUCH that he’s gone off to Australia. That's okay though - he’s going to stay in our time zone so he can run our socials!

Mustakim Hasnath

Speech and entertainment coordinator
From investigating scandals and unsolved mysteries, to reporting on some truly extraordinary stories, Mustakim is passionate about getting stories heard. When he's not asking tough questions and making special reports, he magically appears in lifts and is the voice of machines.

Elaine Morgan
02920 781436