Cardiff University faces inspection

In April 2014 Cardiff University will undergo Institutional Review. This is a 6 yearly review by the Quality Assurance Agency to make sure that the academic rigour of Cardiff University degrees meets UK expectations. To support this process the Students’ Union has been writing a student submission detailing the student experience of different elements of university life. Over the next two of weeks, sections of the Student Submission will be uploaded to the Students’ Union’s website and all students are invited to comment on its progress.

The agency, in its mission statement, says that its function is to ‘safeguard quality and standards in UK universities and colleges’.

Ollie Wannell, VP Education, said that at the first glance the Institutional review “might not be the most immediately interesting topic”, it is nevertheless “important to ensure that the university’s quality assurance processes work and that it is keeping up standards.”

“The students’ union plays a big part in the review and has been involved throughout the process and this a really healthy way of engaging in a dialogue about quality with the University.

A successful review is essential for the University’s reputation and in turn existence. So, paper work aside, it is quite exciting to be so heavily involved in such an important exercise.”

Reviews take place on a rolling programme and are carried out by a team of external peer reviewers.

First, the review team will analyse information provided by both Cardiff University and its students, which will be followed by a physical visit to the campus where the staff and students will be inspected.

Every University is subjected to regular reviews in this manner in order to ensure the quality and enhancement of every student’s learning experience.

The review will determine how confident the Government and the public can be that the standards that the University has previously set are being maintained.

The last review, which took place in 2008, concluded that ‘Confidence can be placed in the soundness of the institution’s current and likely future management of the quality of its academic programmes and the academic standards of its awards.’

Jacob Dirnhuber

Sub Editor

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