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Review: Jojo Rabbit

By Denise Dogan

Waititi recently won an Oscar for most adapted screenplay in the recent award
show that took place in February for his amazing film...

Film & TV

Review: The Witcher

By Sophie

People can be a little precious when it comes to retelling beloved stories in the form of a new medium, seeing the screen as an evil enemy...

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Roast A Movie


The first time you watch Inception you will not understand it. The second time you watch Inception you can appreciate the time and...

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Editors Picks: December 2019

This month, we wanted to switch things up slightly and help you get to know the three people that run Quench’s Film + TV section a bit better. So here...

Film & TV

Review: Frozen 2

By Harriet Lowbridge
Disney’s new Frozen 2 is a brilliant sequel of Elsa and Anna’s adventures. The film follows the origin story of Elsa’s magical...

Film & TV

Review: The Irishman

By Adam Gage
The Irishman is director Martin Scorsese’s 25th film at the age of 77, well known for his Italian mob related movies such as Goodfellas and...

Film & TV

Review: The King

By Luisa De la Concha Montes
It is now evident that Netflix will do everything on their hands to become one of the leaders in the film industry. From the...