Target – A CUTV Drama Production

A new production by CUTV Drama.

Directed by Chris Jones

Produced by Chris Jones, Ryan Beckerleg, Emma Murphy, Lowri Kerys Rowlands, and Sagnik Basu

Written by Chris Jones

Filming by Chris Jones and Emma Murphy

Audio by Phoebe Todd, Deepali Poojara, Chris Jones, Lowri Kerys Rowlands, and Keiran Manetta-Jones

Editing by Sagnik Basu and Chris Jones

Ryan Beckerleg
William Raggett
Paul Hilleard
Liz Mills
Isaac Nasser
Keiran Manetta-Jones

A big thanks to everyone who helped film CUTV’s latest Drama Production ‘Target’. It was tough getting everything – filming and editing – finished in just over a week so we really appreciate all the help we received. We look forward to making our next drama production!

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