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Review: Joker

By Adam Gage

Joker can often feel like a shallow and try-hard film, but then can also be completely absorbing in moments with an engrossing lead...

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Review: Ad Astra

by Adam Gage
Less of an operatic, Sci-Fi, action filled exploration drama, Ad Astra is much more inclined to be a meditative treatise on the masculine tendency...

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Review: It: Chapter 2

By Nicole Rees-Williams
IT: Chapter 2 is arguably the most anticipated horror film of 2019. Its prequel, IT (2017) received a great reception so most audiences...

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Review: The Souvenir

Mild spoilers for character reveals follow in this review. The reveals come early in the film, but if you wish to go in blind then we recommend watching the...

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Review: Midsommar

By Caleb Carter
Ever needed a good cry?
Last year, Hereditary proved to be a runaway success: a candle-lit, black nightmare of familial leashes and compounded...