Munro Page

I recently heard someone say that “let’s make a podcast” is the new “let’s start a band”. Except podcasts are much, much easier to make than music, you don’t have to worry about record labels/contracts/managers etc and you don’t need to know how to play any instruments.
Podcasts are a fun, flexible and pretty much limitless medium where you really can do just about anything you like. If you’ve got an idea, you can turn it into something; Alys Hewitt and myself, Munro Page, are looking to go all in on podcasts this year on Xpress, so whether it’s something short like a 15 minute news analysis or a weekly chat show you host with your friends or something even more out-there, we’re interested.
What’s great too is that podcasts are really simple to make. All you need to do is come up with an idea, book the Pre-Recording studio simply by messaging us and come in and record. We’re not only keen to see your ideas become reality, but also help you do that too, by training you in how to set up recording equipment, edit audio and publish it. You can fit it into your own schedules easily too, and spend more time perfecting it (by planning, editing etc) than you can do with live radio shows too.
We’re not just looking for regular, weekly/bi-weekly shows either. If you wanted to make something like a one-off audio-documentary or a radio play for instance, then we want to heard about those too.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us about ideas, we’re all down to hear about anything you might be interested in making. And for those who’ve already said they’d like to make a podcast, we look forward to seeing what you lot come up with.

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