Review: Mary Poppins, Wales Millennium Centre

Mary Poppins, Friday 16th December, Wales Millennium Centre. Reviewer: Hannah West

Two words for Mary Poppins the musical – Practically Perfect.
This is no scaled-down version of the timeless classic. Production values were quite literally through the chimney and out the roof. Visually, the entire set was nothing short of stunning. The experience begins with the set unfolding like a story book – a subtle nod to the classic Mary Poppins novels by P.L. Travers. What I loved about this though, was that a perfect amalgamation between the original and modern Poppins was reached. Exciting visuals such as the illusion of magic, and contrasting colour palettes that complimented each act made the musical a treat to watch.
It would be an immense discredit not to mention the performance of the cast. Zizi Strallen as Mary Poppins accompanied by Matt Lee as Painter/Chimney Sweep, Bert, and indeed the rest of the cast, made for an ensemble with impressive chemistry. The comedic timing, execution of nuances and belting scores of music made for the most incredible spectacle.
The emotional highs and lows of the plot were reflected in the audiences faces, notably, during ‘Feed the Birds’. It was hard to keep watery eyes at bay. On the converse, it was equally as hard not to share in the laughter and joy of the whole room. As a person in my early years of adulthood, I’m confident that the appeal of Mary Poppins would extend far beyond any type of person; it has universal appeal. If I could give it more than five stars I absolutely would.
by Hannah West