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Welsh Delights

By Katie Duffin

Most people who come to live in Wales seem to develop a special place in their hearts for God’s country. In lieu of St David’s day...

Food & Drink

Review: Milkwood, Pontcanna

Words by Peter Wolinski

On the show Harry and Paul, there’s one sketch where Harry Enfield plays a long
haired, artistic bloke who runs a boutique in a...

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Food Fashions of the Decade

Açai Bowls

Words by Catarina Vicente

The first time I had açai, it was served to me in a plain bowl, topped with chia seeds, granola and coconut...

Food & Drink

Review: The Ivy

by Katie Duffin

“You’re going to the Ivy? Isn’t that the posh restaurant in London?!” My mum asked with raised eyebrows. Originally, yes, and as you...

Food & Drink

Review: Nook, Cowbridge

Peter Wolinski kindly reviewed Nook for Quench.

Browsing Tripadvisor is extremely
entertaining. I’ve no idea what possesses anyone in their right mind to...

Food & Drink

Review: Wild Thing, Grangetown

Peter Wolinski kindly reviewed Wild Thing for Quench.
I thank the heavens each day that I met my partner after she became a vegetarian. As the son of a Pole...

Food & Drink

Review: Vivo Latino, Canton

Peter Wolinski kindly reviewed Vivo Latino for Quench.
An annoying culinary trope is the use of the pan- prefix. The worst application is pan-fried, primarily...

Food & Drink

Review: Pho, Cardiff

Words by Sai

With the weather getting colder and finding the time to cook getting ever harder, there’s nothing better than a warm, sumptuous bowl of Pho...

Food & Drink

Fresher’s Foodie Checklist

We want to welcome Freshers to Cardiff by sharing our foodie favourites across the city! Don’t miss these absolute gems:
Words by Hannah Penwright