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Suspiria: A Retrospective

By Caleb Carter
“Suzy, do you know anything about witches?”
Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria “homage” is around the corner and looks suitably...

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Our Favourite Biopics

Following the release of Bryan Singer’s Bohemian Rhapsody this week, eight Quench contributors put forward their favourite biopics:
Harry Dixon on...

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The Bi Life: A Long Time Coming

By Meg Sharma
The many successful years of shows like Love Island, Take Me Out, and Ex on the Beach have proved one thing – the British public are...

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Review: Killing Eve

For a long time, TV and film fanatics have been suckers for psychopathic serial-killing antiheroes. We bow down before John Wick, obsess over Dexter and hail...

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Reviews: A Star is Born

With Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut proving a smash hit in theatres across the globe, four Quench contributors share their thoughts on A Star is...

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Review: Roma @ BFI LFF 2018

Alfonso Cuarón is a rarity. A director with barely a blemish on his filmography – which now spans more than two decades. Having first leapt onto the scene...

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The Future of Sci-Fi Cinema

The 1902 movie, A Trip to the Moon by Georges Méliès is commonly acknowledged as one of the grounding productions in the development of the narrative of...

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Review: Stath Lets Flats

At this current time, we have a huge wealth of comedic talent coming through and performing in Britain. This talent is predominantly demonstrated through TV...

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The Problem with Love Island

“I sold my soul to reality TV’ is the chilling line left in the Twitter biography of the late Sophie Gradon, one of the stars of the second series of Love...