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Review: Solace

Solace? More like boring.

I don’t understand this film. It’s meant to be a mystery thriller but I didn’t find any mystery and little to no thrills. Solace has an interesting concept: a series of murders take place that all share a similar method of killing, which leave no trace of the killer’s presence, and FBI detectives named Joe (Jeffery Dean Morgan) and Katherine (Abbie Cornish) decide to call on an old buddy John (Anthony Hopkins), who happens to be some magical psychic wizard or something, to help them solve the case. The two chaps have a past together solving murders but John has nestled himself away in some remote forest place to find solace (I think) after the death of his daughter and the emotional parting with his wife. Joe decides to interrupt his peace and get him out working the case even though the poor man looks like he belongs in a retirement home. I’m not taking the mick out of Anthony Hopkins, he’s a legendary actor, but there’s one scene when he’s meant to be chasing a man and let’s just say, it’s not very intense.


Solace focuses heavily on John’s ability to see events that transpire in the past and near future. You are reminded several times with the same shots on repeat flashing in your face for the entire film and it gets pretty old quickly. I found this to be one of my main criticisms with the film: there was no mystery. None. Everything is given away by John’s insights and everything else is a clear guess, they even reveal who the killer is in one of the first psychic visions. It’s Colin Farrell by the way. Not that you wouldn’t know that, you’ve seen the trailer!

There are so many elements that I could criticise in this film, such as the really bizarre camera shots, (what was going on in that department!?), but I don’t want to spend all night outlining them for you, you can watch it yourself; just prepare to be disappointed like I was. There are a few redeeming scenes in the film including one of the final twists which was honestly quite shocking. Overall though the film was ok, just very lacklustre, it could have been so much better than this. If you’re still unsure about it just watch Seven instead, it’s a much better version.