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Review: Ardyn, Motion Bristol

The striking first chords of their song “Over The River”, announced Ardyn’s arrival on stage at Bristol’s Motion on Wednesday 28th October 2016. The Gloucestershire brother/sister duo, gained a positive reaction from their fast growing crowd during their set, through the use of catchy melodies and an interesting mix of genre styles. The lead singer’s (Katy) voice reminded one of a young Stevie Nicks, pair that with a vocal partner whose voice is reminiscent of Oliver Sim (from The XX) and you’ve got an intriguing sound to listen to. Their closing song ‘Shadow Light’ showed the full vocal range of Katy’s voice and with just a keyboard to accompany her, the audience were truly captivated by this stunning performance and was by far my favourite song of the night! The talented two-some’s set was impeccable from start to finish and I’d definitely say they were ones to watch!

Moyosore Kolawole