Christmas Countdown – Review: Palace ‘So Long Forever’

After a string of singles and EPs, London four-piece Palace have finally dropped their debut album, ‘So Long Forever’, and what an impact its had. The self described alternative blues-rock group have returned with their distinctively laid back sound.

Many of the popular singles such as Break The Silence and Holy Smoke see a return as well. However, it’s the rerecorded version of Bitter that grabs the immediate attention. A cleaner, fresher ring of that rusted guitar smoothed by that bluesy base sees the lads attack that distinctive sound that separates them from the rest. The guitar solo at the end echoed with the pleads of `don’t let me down` is where we find the melodic rhythm that sees this band really begin to hone in on that unique sound. This is equally reflected in slow dazed songs such as Blackheath and Slaving On that give tales of struggle and strife.

Yet it’s the old and the new, It`s Over and Fire In The Sky where we see all the mechanisms of the album come together to create something really special.  Frontman Leo, lets the lyrics there’s no substance to my life ring vividly with the chiming guitar, laid back vibey vocals contribute to the substance of this album. Title track, So Long Forever picks up the pace in a banging base drum which shows the diversity and breadth of the band, whilst simultaneously in keeping with the laid back theme. Much like The Maccabees with a punch, and All We Are with a distinct bluesy edge is really what makes this band one to watch in 2017, keep your eyes peeled.


Sean Kirkpatrick