Christmas Countdown – Review: The Maccabees ‘Marks to Prove It’

As their last studio album before announcing their split, this solidifies The Maccabees’ place in musical history. And without a single bad song on this beautifully produced album, they certainly have left the marks to prove it. With a raucous scream the first song launches straight into a grunge rock theme that, in one way or another, permeates the whole album. Every song has a definitive kick to it that releases a cathartic energy, sometimes when it is least expected. There are tracks that take a more poignant direction, with the introduction of some relaxed trumpets and softer drums easing the tension created by the more energetic rifts in songs such as ‘Spit It Out’ and ‘Kamakura’. Although the tone of the album is a slightly let-loose and raw, there are some more relaxed, sentimental songs with some echoic backing vocals and harmonic choral tracks that create a compassionate, rather dreamlike atmosphere. Well worth a listen if you’re in the mood to zone out and be captured by the gritty yet well devised licks of an electric guitar and some incomprehensible lyrics. This masterpiece will definitely leave you wanting more, but alas, all good things must come to an end.


Will Thompson