Last week saw Independent Music Venue Week take to the stages of 120 venues across the UK, with Tim Burgess leading the event as this years ambassador. The week saw artists from the likes of CABBAGE, Richard Hawley  and even Tim Burgess rising to the occasion to support our independent music venues across the UK. Here in Cardiff, we had Beans on Toast, Rhain, Dream Wife and more to help out our independent Cardiff venues

Now the week is over we must reflect on why this is a nationwide event. Independent venues are somewhat desperate and vulnerable, and this people, is our fault. They’re being neglected by us, the ‘music lovers’ ignorant to the smaller people in the little venues. How can we hold our heads up high and say we are firm supporters of the music industry, when all we do is purchase a £30 tickets to see pop bands like The 1975 take to the stage at The Motorpoint when our independent venues are disintegrating, leaving the artists of the future out in the wilderness. Without these much cherished venues, the upcoming artists have no place to showcase their talent. Yes we can argue, but what about the internet? But there’s nothing as special as catching a new artist live.  So much more is thrown into the works; you get involved, caught up in the moment. You simply get it more. Discovering a hidden gem in a cornered club in the middle of  of Cardiff is so much more rewarding than stumbling across your suggested likes on Spotify. There’s more depth and meaning, you care more, you become invested in this artist. However, without these venues, these new artists have got nowhere to play and nobody to play for. What is the point?

Spokesman of the event this year Tim burgess, comments on the issue “Independent venues are where every band starts and where music fans get to see emerging talent. Without them bands would not get a chance for their all-important first hometown gigs and subsequent tours. These venues and bands need our support and the best way you can do that is by having a night out. Lots of venues are closing – we definitely need to stick together and stop this happening.” C’mon, if Tim burgess is saying all it takes to do this, is have a laugh and night out, then why can’t we just get on board? We are not asking you to swim The Channel or climb Mount Everest, just go and watch a gig here and there that isn’t so bloody commercial. You might actually enjoy it.

Tim Burgess, supported by ‘Tear’ and ‘The Pheromoans’

Sunday’s gig in Cardiff put on for Independent Music Venue Week at The Big Roof Top gave us artists such as Rhain, Benedict Benjamin and Joseph J Jones. However, this gig simply echoed our need to increase support for these independent venues and small, upcoming artists. This afternoon of music was such a delight, with the angelic sounds of Rhain followed by an acoustic, softness From Benedict Benjamin and more but was wasted on an empty room. The afternoon gave us such talent, but to a measly room of about eight. This is our issue, people as talented as Rhain shouldn’t be playing to a family four, naming it a gig. Why do we allow this to happen? This is why our independent venues, as close to home as Demsey’s Four bars, are dying. Without our help, they’re without a spine. We are happily ignorant to it, but as soon as one threatens to close we are discontented. We need to start giving these venues and in effect, the smaller artists a little TLC or else our music industry is going to be the auto tuned bollocks we get now but duplicated, without a place to hide from it.

Rhain performing at Sŵn 2016…

Erin Brown