Commencing on their second UK tour,  I was lucky enough to chat to Gengahr’s front-man Felix previous to their set at Bristol’s Louisiana.

Felix talked about how the band formed in school. He mentions how he always thought the four would end up playing music together but never thought it would get quite as big, ending up with sell out dates on the second UK tour. He mentions the four different, less successful bands he had been involved in previously, which essentially meant there weren’t much pressure on Gengahr. He thinks that the lack of pressure might have been the key to their current success.

The topic then switched to their upcoming, highly anticipated second UK tour. He revealed that they have grown a lot from the last tour and  have found much more support from the fans who “know everything”. Felix said that they didn’t play many festivals this year as they were focused on writing the new record. He also added that their sound has become much slicker than the previous record through experience. It was also interesting to hear that their next album is going to be more focused on live performances rather than the previous record which was more studio based.

Felix said touring with Wolf Alice around Europe provided the band with a sense of familiarity as they have played together many times before and they used these low pressure shows to re-familiarise themselves to playing live shows again in preparation for their upcoming tour.

We then proceeded to chat about their art-work. Felix said that they use literature and art as a heavy influence to their music. Bassist Hugh paints all the artwork and Dan and Felix do the film and graphics as they like to keep it all “in house” as he thinks it adds a sense of identity to the band.

Finally we chatted about the importance of BBC introducing how it has helped their career. Felix explained how Huw Stephens played a track of theirs on the radio and from there they have played at Glastonbury and Latitude and “it all blossomed from there”. He then added that he loves how BBC introducing tend to stick with the artists all the way through their careers.

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Charlie Minett