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INTERVIEW: Sunset Sons

Author: Charlie Minett

Sunset Sons have just embarked on their second UK and European tour, with bigger venues and sell out dates than ever before. We were lucky enough to grab a chat with frontman ,Rory Williams, previous to their tour.

The start of your European tour is coming up very soon, with Nottingham and Birmingham sold out, how are you feeling about this?

I’m feeling really good and excited for it. The sold out venues means we will up our game and the venue size has increase from last time which also calls for a bigger show.

Are you excited about playing in Cardiff?

There’s not a city that I’m not excited about. The last time we played Cardiff we had some sound technical problems but the crowd got us back in the mood so we’re excited to come back to such a good crowd

So what can we expect from a Sunset Sons gig?

I don’t want to ruin the surprise, or say things and then it won’t happen but expect a lot of energy.  We will bring our best A game. Also expect new tunes and even a light show. We have some great support acts who our manager came across. Last tour we had a guy called Louis Berry he bought pure joy, great energy and swagger on stage. When he finished supporting us we always played him before we went on stage so he was always there in spirit.

You have played many festivals this year, including Reading and Leeds. Do you prefer playing your own gigs to your current fans or is playing festival slots more exiting?

Nothing beats a festival especially if the weather is good. They are really the best of both worlds. You get to see bands and you are exposed to more people like if they’ve heard one song on the radio they’re more likely to see our festival shows. We played the NME stage at Reading and Leeds with the capacity of 5000 people. Definitely an opportunity not to miss.  I love playing to new people, but fans know the words to all our songs and sing along, they even know the words better than I do. Our fans are very dedicated. On tour everyone is there to see you which is also a great feeling though.

Where have you had the best crowd so far, considering you have played all across Europe?

This is not saying any of the crowds were bad but I love playing my home town, Bournemouth. My mates and family always come to support us. It’s also amazing when people in different countries are so dedicated. People in Leon were queuing outside the venue for 8 hours. (Something that Rory says he was too lazy to ever do for a band!)

Considering you have been so busy lately, have you had time for any surfing?

We spent September in Hossegor so we got round to being in the water a lot then. At Boardmasters festival we managed to spend a day in the water after all the press and stuff which was really fun, a perfect festival for us! We definitely have the best of both worlds then, playing shows and surfing.

Have you got any plans for the near future after the tour?

We are just working on the second record. Some tracks are finished, some are halfway through. We are off to France to get our heads down with a pen and paper. Unfortunately we will not be distracted by surfing as it’s not surfing season in Hossegor.

The tour may be coming to a close but album number two is soon approaching. However, if you can’t wait head over to the website and download their Digital Deluxe album Very Rarely Say Die