Interview: Turbowolf


Charlie Mock chats to Turbowolf pre-Simple Things Festival…

You’ve been working on album two over the last few months – how’s it all coming along? 
I think it’s been a few years but a few months sounds better. The good news is that it’s finished, the bad news is that it’s so good that it will sour everything that’s ever been.

What can we expect from it? Is it an album that fans of the first album will love or have you been experimenting with something different? 
We tend to try and push ourselves out of our comfort zone on purpose and do things that are a bit wrong generally, so if you like wrong things or you like what we’re about then you might like the album. Alternatively if you’ve never heard of us then hopefully the songs stand up for themselves. It’s noisy and lovely.

You’re all pretty fond of Death From Above 1979 – how does it feel to be playing with them at Simple Things? 
It’s very awesome. They’re the best at being DFA 1979 and we like that. Playing on the same stage is cool cool cool.

What are you most looking forward to about the festival? 
Playing and then watching DFA 1979.

Are there any artists that you’ll go out of your way to see across the day?
We won’t have the time to check the festival out fully so we’ll probably just catch the bands that are on the same stage as us.

What have you got planned for the upcoming months? 
We’re away with Royal Blood for 3 weeks straight after Simple Things. Then we’re away on our headline tour from December 1st for a couple of weeks. We’ll be releasing a single very soon and a video, plus announcing some other big business. Go check us out here…