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LIVE REVIEW: Gengahr @ The Louisiana, Bristol

The 23rd of November, brought Gengahr to Bristol’s legendary Louisiana. The Stoke Newington four-piece arrived on stage half an hour late, better late than never I suppose. They appeared at the back of the room and squeezed through the sold-out crowd to enter the stage, classic Louisiana style. There is no separate entrance for the artists to get onto the stage. Although it’s a bit of an awkward move for the artists themselves, especially with such a big crowd, it adds a sense of intimacy for the fans as they wish them luck as the band brush past.

It has been over a year since Gengahr last graced Bristol with their dreamy songs, frontman Felix shouts “It’s good to be back” before opening with their new track Mallory. The gig seems to have been a showcase for all their new material which the crowd didn’t seem too happy with at first, as Felix explained that mostly new songs would be played. The fans, however, quickly showed much interest in all the new tracks as they seemed to be more instrument focused and heavier than those of the previous album. This highlights what Felix mentioned in our interview- that the new album will be more focused on their live performances.

Although older tracks, such as Bathed in Light, Heroine and Fill My Gums with Blood reassured the crowd that the much loved older tracks had not been forgotten about. Felix then informed the crowd that there will be no encore due to the Lousiana’s set up. However they did make this up to the fans by playing the favourites, She’s a Witch and Powder.

After hearing the combination of old and new tracks a fan asks when the new tracks will be released showing sheer enthusiasm for their new sound, Felix replied “well how long is a piece of string” giving away no clues of a release date but we can only hope it’s early 2017.

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Charlie Minett