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LIVE REVIEW: Panic! at the Disco @ Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

Author: Sanja Dragojlov

Friday night’s Panic! at the Disco gig commenced with a glittery, confetti-strewn bang, with the perfect opener from their latest, sell-out album, Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time. Playing over 18 songs, their set was a mix of both old songs and new. If you came to see Panic play some of their catchy, witty and “vaudeville-esque” songs from back in the day when the band first started out, you will be disappointed. The majority of songs played on their Death of a Bachelor UK tour are from their latest album such as: Crazy=Genius, LA Devotee, Death of a Bachelor, Hallelujah and Emperor’s New Clothes. The only two old hits they played were, I Write Sins, Not Tragedies and Time To Dance. The show was surprisingly short given the fact that the band has over four albums. Nonetheless, it had ended with an excellent encore which was a mix of both the classic Panic! at the Disco from back in their Nothing Rhymes With Circus days, to a heartfelt rock ballad; This Is Gospel, which singer, Brendon Urie had dedicated to his best friend and former Panic drummer, Spencer Smith. The finale ended with the flamboyant hit, Victorious. However, the crowd favourite was evidently the six-minute power ballad by Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody which Urie does astonishingly well given his vocals.