On The Lookout: 2015



Quench Music let you know what they’re looking forward to in the coming year

Newcomer: Låpsley

As we enter the New Year, speculation surrounding the next big thing in music begins. Last year saw the rise of the solo artist, which is set to continue throughout 2015. For fresh take on the increasingly overworked formula add Låpsley to your playlist. The 18-year-old singer songwriter from Southport writes and produces all her material, joining the growing number of self-producing female artists. Her debut EP, Understudy, was released the first week of January and showcases her impressive vocals alongside her clear compositional and production talents. Låpsley combines heartfelt lyrics with minimalist electro pop to create an ambient sound. An artist hotly tipped for the year ahead, Låpsley is definitely one to look out for. –Jess Rayner


MU - 2015 Feature - Joey Badass


Album: Joey Bada$$ – B4.DA.$$

Joey Bada$$, the up-and-coming Brooklyn native and figurehead for the hip-hop collective Pro Era, is riding on the back of two acclaimed releases in 2012’s 1999 and 2013 EP Summer Knights. B4.DA.$$ (pronounced ‘Before The Money’) is set to continue the formula that Joey has established over his short career of bass-heavy, 90’s influenced production, along with a smooth and refined flow that relies on clever lyricism. A few excellent singles from B4.DA.$$ have already been released, including ‘Christ Conscious’ and ‘Curry Chicken’, that have added to the already considerable hype surrounding Joey Bada$$ himself. This release is, without a doubt, one of the major hip-hop albums to look out for in the upcoming year. –Jack Boyce



MU - 2015 Feature - Enter Shikari


Album: Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep

Self-confessed genre abusing madmen Enter Shikari are back for 2015 and set to have their most mental year yet. Since 2003, the St. Albans quartet have grown from strength to strength, and their latest project, The Mindsweep, promises to follow the trend. Having teased us with tracks such as ‘The Last Garrison’, ‘Never Let Go Of The Microscope’ and ‘Slipshod’, it’s clear that the boys have been experimenting with old sounds and new, making for some awesomely exciting listening.

Not only does a new album mean new music, but it also means Enter Shikari will grace us with their presence once more for their first full length UK tour since 2012. Notorious for their live shows, Enter Shikari are loud, electric and totally reckless. If you haven’t seen the band before and managed to get your hands on tickets to one of their many sold out January shows, you’re in for a treat. With a busy year ahead, including a headlining slot at Download Festival, it looks like 2015 will be a year to remember for Enter Shikari. –Alice Hoddinott

Credit: William Coutts
Credit: William Coutts


Newcomer: Honne

Honne’s sound runs over you, as viscous as it is lusty, teasing your senses like the high before a tickle. The London duo have fused gritty soul vocals with downbeat production and soft keys to create what critics have called a “re-invention of baby-making music.” Selling out their debut show before releasing an official single, Honne have a carefully curated Soundcloud page to thank. With tracks that echo their artistry while remaining aloof and alluring, there is no questioning their potential to be 2015’s Jungle or James Blake. Filmic and consuming, the sound of Honne will keep you company late at night, though do be warned; it will bite your ear lobe on the way down. –Louis Browne


Credit: Steve Gullick
Credit: Steve Gullick


Newcomers: Jagaara

It would be easy to label Jagaara as the British Haim, and admittedly, on first listen, this is a fair comparison to make. Yet, the three sisters from Finchley have a sound that feels darker, with heady synths and looming harmonies alluding to a more retrospective musical direction. Their lyrics are steeped in nostalgia and delivered with a self-awareness that has seen them picked up by the same management as Foals and Peace. The trio are set to release more material in 2015, with songs that will no doubt continue to create an indie-ambience like a school disco in slow motion. –Louis Browne

Genre: Rap

One genre that’ll hit harder than Solange hit Jay-Z in that elevator this coming year will be rap. With Kanye being Kanye and Dr Dre still locked in that basement; it’s up to the new kids on the block to “watch the throne”. 2015 will see the release of not only the hotly-awaited third studio album from Kendrick Lamar, but also the release of Lupe Fiasco’s fifth album, Tetsuo & Youth. Among the fresh faces expected to blow up rap in a good way will be Childish Gambino and Schoolboy Q. Among those nominations is the man whose lyrics flow like waterfalls – clearly I’m no rapper – the legend that is Eminem. Back to his roots with the release of Marshall Mathers LP 2, expect Slim Shady to lead the way in the New Year. –Alex Miarli

2012 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival - Day 2

Album: Radiohead

When Thom Yorke speaks, the world listens, at least, it seemed that way when a series of cryptic tweets and photos were uploaded to his twitter account. Taken from ‘15 years of discarded words and pictures’, what really intrigued his followers is they were being uploaded while ‘overdubs happen’ in the Radiohead studio. Its rare that Radiohead fans gets excited – given their penchant for the downbeat and melancholy – but if anything can bring them from forlorn to fired-up, it’s the promise of a new album.  Radiohead are like black olives, they annoy you at first because they keep turning up unexpected in places they shouldn’t, but once you get used to the taste you start asking for them, despite people’s weird looks. Initial disdain for their refusenik alternative UK grunge image is replaced by wide-eyed fanboy/girlism. Given Yorke’s recent release of the eerily emotive, minimalistic Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, it seems like great things are on their way from the masters of morose. –Greg McChesney






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