new/newydd – October

The best new and upcoming artists to look out for this month…

Ryn Weaver - newydd

Ryn Weaver

‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ isn’t always the best motto to live your life by. Unless you’re Ryn Weaver, that is. When she ‘ran into’ friend of a friend and producer of more huge pop hits than you can shake your finger at, Benny Blanco, on Tinder one day, Ryn’s life spiraled out of control. One minute she was a normal girl, the next, an Internet sensation. Or something like that, at least. The Californian synth-pop artist has friends in the highest of places is certainly putting them to use; with Passion Pit lending a hand and Charlie XCX singing her praises, there’s no doubting that Ryn Weaver is about to be huge.

For Fans Of: Bloody good pop songs

Dowload: ‘Promises’


ILoveMakonnen - newydd


Drake remixed his song and it went viral. Miley Cyrus put his face in an Instagram post and his fan base doubled overnight. Within a month, he was signed to OVO Sound and in the studio with Skrillex and Diplo. Makonnen Sheran means business, and with the selection of tracks he’s offering, his is a success story in the making. ILoveMakonnen is the sort of act you can never really pin down, but with lyrics so wistful and a voice so raw, pinning him down is going to be the last thing on your mind.

For Fans Of: partynextdoor & Drake

Dowload: ‘Club Going Up On A Tuesday’


Litany - newydd


The fresh faced duo from Harrogate have been tip toeing around music blogs for the last few months, but it’s their newest release ‘Look’ that has really set things moving. Their delicate, electro sounds might not be the most innovative but my, are they good. As strong lyrically as they are melodically, Litany create a sound so silky and natural it’s hard to believe that they’re only just getting started. For times when all that’s left to do is shut the curtains and hide from the world, Litany are the perfect refuge.

For Fans Of: Woman’s Hour, Deptford Goth  

Download: ‘Look’




Cleo and Harmony probably don’t give a shit about what you think. They probably don’t even care that they’ve been amassing a fair bit of attention recently, because these girls are unflappable. Cleo and Harmony are Girlpool, and Girlpool do whatever the fuck they like. The LA twosome negotiating their way through the 2014 music scene are a welcome reminder of days past, where riot grrrls were still a thing, Saved By The Bell was aired daily and hipster was a term used most commonly for pairs of jeans.

For Fans Of: The hypothetical lovechild of Kate Nash and Eoin Loveless (Drenge)

Download: ‘Blah Blah Blah’