News: Young Monarch Release New Track

Young Monarch

So if you’ve been keeping feverishly up to date with Quench’s output in recent months, you’ll already know all about Young Monarch; and if you haven’t, this is your chance to get educated.

In Quench 154, we said: “They’re are a brand, spanking new band that have come together in Manchester over the past year thanks to each members respective attendance of the Royal Northern College Of Music.  Their 6-piece line up allows for an extensive set of instrumentation, including strings, saxophone and keys, to interlace and build beautifully.  This tapestry of sound creates the perfect foundation for the powerful vocals of Rebecca Lewis that completes the ambient soundscape.”

Since then, Young Monarch have had the time to produce their latest jewel, ‘Caught On You’.  It’s an expansive and melancholy offering that displays all of the wonderful haunting qualities that we’ve already come to expect from this young pseudo-Mancunian bunch.  The production is crisp and clear; sparse, yet full and you can hear all this for yourself here.