REVIEW: Adam Naas

New pop soul singer Adam Naas is a Parisian artist who has just recently released his debut eponymous EP in the UK. Gaining popularity in France, Adam Naas’s career seems promising as he’s just been signed to the Virgin/Mercury label.

His first song Fading Away is a ballad in which Naas shows off his contemporary style, his powerful voice never overshadowing the moody beats and bluesy guitar riffs which are brought to the fore towards the end of the track. This track feels gloomy yet tender, soft yet dark with a touch of heavy. It makes me wonder if his music could be inspired by his Parisian roots, like the city, his music sounds romantic and urban. However, with a track like Downtown on the EP we can also see that he can make an equally good, strong and catchy pop song. Downtown is more funky and upbeat. It’s layered electro-synth sound coupled with Naas’ high vocals gives us a track that’s full of energy.

He himself has defined his art: a personal, intimate, startlingly sincere soul-pop, which I find hard to disagree with. This EP gives light to a brand new artist with plenty of potential.

Marie-Claire Alfonso

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