Review: Augustines – The Globe, 04/12/14


Jade Attwood reviews Augustines at The Globe…

With both floors of The Globe packed to the rafters from the outset, support act Arkells start the evening off. Procuring a distinctly mixed age crowd, the Canadian rockers have a task on their hands to get the mood right. But, with constant witty interaction and angsty enthusiasm, the band certainly create a buzz in the previously sombre crowd.

Picture Mumford and Sons, mixed with Jonny Cash and a live salsa band; there before you will stand Augustines. Comparisons are lazy, but there is no such way to better describe this brawling Brooklyn based trio.

After the darkening of the lights and dulling of the interlude music, Augustines take to the the stage. Kicking off with ‘Chapel Song’, the livid intensity of the three instantly withholding the attention of the crowd. With a sound even more gritty and real than their recorded versions, the band rage through the latest tracks from their self titled second album, as well as some of their back catalogue. Peppered throughout are anecdotes of their tour antics, progressively becoming more revealing with more whiskey down their throats. Their “1st finale” climaxes with their most recent release ‘Nothing To Lose But Your Head’, garnering incessant audience participation.

Renowned for their heavy crowd interaction, however, the encore doesn’t mark the end of the night. Departing from the stage the whole band, proceed to climb the balcony, sit on the bar and finish in the middle of a crowd stood on a stool. Acoustically delivering song after song and ear quaking trumpet solos, its fair to say everyone is in sheer awe of the New Yorkers by the end of the night. Finishing in a true rock ‘n’ roll fashion, lead singer Billy proclaims “No more pictures, no more of this, lets just get fucking drunk” and that they do.