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Fenech-Soler – All I Know


Warner Bros | 13.11.12

“It started out good, like a fairytale”, singer Ben Duffy croons, in breathy, boyband style.  The same can’t be said for Fenech-Soler’s new single, “All I Know”, which starts out terribly; all generic pop synths, the most basic of drum rhythms, and three endlessly repeated chords.  Fenech-Soler have shifted slightly, it seems, from the more dance and electro influences of their first album, to a slightly more pop-centred sound; the exciting rhythms of earlier tracks is gone; instead, a plodding bassline sucks any kind of joy out of the track. It all feels very slick and commercial, but without much substance under the gloss. The solution to any kind of progression in the music? Make it louder, more thumpy, and say “whoa” a few times.  Perhaps it sounds better if you’re wasted; expect to hear it playing in Oceana soon.

Rosey Brown

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