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Green Day – Kill The DJ


15.08.12 | Reprise

Green Day are getting on a bit, aren’t they? The band are no longer the scruffy-haired teenagers naming albums after their own turds (the deceptively good ‘Dookie’) but the scruffy-haired parents who actively wonder what it is their children like. As such, new single ‘Kill the DJ’ is strangely anachronistic; on one hand, its violent swearing and Christianity conspiracy theories are as juvenile a statement as a raspberry, like good old fashioned Green Day. On the other though, the song’s sentiment and Country guitar lines owe a great deal to Morrissey/Marr’s ‘Panic’, now over 25 years old. Worth a look in? Well, it’s certainly a return to their roots: a bit of a turd.

Jimmy Dunne

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