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Why Metal Gear Solid Is the Best

I feel sorry for The Witcher 3.
If it was released any other year, then it would have easily been the game of the year. Unfortunately Geralt of Rivia’s sword...

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Gaming Has Changed

Now the next generation is well and truly here Rhys Thomas Elliott looks back at how gaming has changed, for better or worse.

So the Xbox 360/PS3 generation...

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Review: Xbox One

The Xbox One was marketed by Microsoft as being more than simply a gaming console with more emphasis being placed on it being an entertainment device. Now...

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Review: Saints Row IV

This month, Josh Briggs reviews the latest instalment of the wacky and wonderful Saints Row series, and this time it’s presidential. 
Saints Row, a series...

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Review: Rayman Legends

Rhys Thomas Elliott rediscovers the whimsical charm of 2D platformers with the crazy and colourful Rayman Legends. 
 Origins was a game that resonated...