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Happy New Year

Hello everyone! We hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and a lovely 2013!

2013 was certainly lovely for us at Xpress. We got to go to London in November an dress up all nice and that. When we were there, as well as free wine and liquorice (yeah mate, liquorice), we were lucky enough to receive a Silver award for our Varsity 2013 coverage in the Best Live Event or Outside Broadcast category, and an amazing Bronze in the Best Station category, making Xpress the 3rd best student radio station in the country. This is a massive achievement for the station, Cardiff Student Media and our University, to be recognised on a national level is amazing. I’d just like to quickly and cheesily thank the brilliant Xpress team that won us the accolade, led by Hannah Cook (Station Manager) and Ed Lecorgne (Deputy Station Manager). The two of them in particular poured their hearts into what they did for the station, and we’re all incredibly grateful, and honoured to have such big shoes to fill.

It’s only bloomin’ Matt Jones!

Following in their footsteps are Matt Jones, who succeeded Hannah as Manager of the station, and me. We were chuffed to be named to lead the station for the next academic year, and it’s been an absolute blast so far.

“So, Sam. What the bloomin’ ‘ell have you been doing since September? Studying?”

The term started with Freshers’ Week, and meeting a load of lovely new faces in the Great Hall at the Societies’ Fayres, as well as broadcasting some shows from the Taf.
Some of those lovely people we met decided they wanted to join our station, and as a result we have what is probably the biggest and most diverse timetable we’ve had at Xpress. Such a wealth of talent joined Xpress, and since October have been broadcasting house music, classical music, LGBT+, Agony Aunt, rock music, entertainment, politics, and female-power shows, and personally I’ve been loving them.
We’ll be posting a podcast on here very soon demonstrating what we’ve been offering over the last few months, make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for it!

In addition to our regular schedule, we’ve tried our hands at some outside-broadcasts and live shows, which have not only been really fun to do but have helped us connect to Cardiff’s students, provide them with something they’ll enjoy, and get our name out there to the people! POWER TO THE PEOPLE.
…where was I?

So YEAH, firstly, we put our political thinking caps on for our coverage of the ANNUAL MEMBERS’ MEETING. Held in the Students’ Union, it was an opportunity for students to express their opinions and views, and vote for change. It was so cool to see the student populous debate and discuss issues, and improve the union. POWER TO THE PEOP…sorry…

Team Xpress at Drink The Bar Dry 2013

Every year, just before Christmas, DRINK THE BAR DRY is a massive event that gets everyone excited, and 2013 was no exception. It was another lively occasion, and Xpress got involved in the whole thing…as did Santa apparently. Games were played, carols were sung, and even presents were given out! Including those weird alien egg things we had as kids that make me feel a bit sick…Merry Christmas…

FINALLY, there was something completely new for Xpress that I was really excited to try out…our very first recordings of GETTING INTO CARDIFF, a comedy panel show that we wrote, produced, and presented. The teams were consisted of the captains Jess Rodgerson and Rob England, and we had guests ranging from semi-professional stand-ups, to Xpress alumni, to Dom from Folk Roots. I loved presenting it, and it’ll be ready form broadcast soon! And of course, you can look forward to more live recordings in the union!
A MASSIVE SHOUT OUT AND THANK YOU to everyone who helped the first shows happen and run smoothly, and to all those on show who were hilarious!
I’ll let everyone know on here when the shows are being broadcast, and don’t forget to look out for podcasts from your favourite shows, and our highlights, coming soon

Getting Into Cardiff
The very first “Getting Into Cardiff”…hey, it’s Hannah Cook on the left!

Meanwhile, back to revision…and by “revision”, I mean burying my head in Mini Cheddars.

Sam Lloyd, Deputy Manager
(anagram of “A Spongy Mullet Daydream”)

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