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Change Q3

Art has the power to change society

by Kiana Stevens
When discussing this topic, it is incredibly easy to quickly dismiss any form of art as simply an individual’s representation of the world...

Change Q3

Climate change: the real story.

By Hannah Penwright
Throughout the Earth’s history, the climate has been constantly changing due to natural fluctuation. However, temperatures recently have...

Ethical Living Q3

Bad Robots

by Alexandra Bánfi
As a human race, we consistently strive for efficiency and convenience. This desire is only growing as Artificial Intelligence is fuelling...

Ethical Living Q3

How To Be Good

An introduction to Q3’s Ethical Living Theme
By Samantha Harford
It started one day when I was sat down, thirty minutes into a lecture on Marlowe letting...

Q3 The Bad Feminists

Women Around The World

Most feminist discourse is focused on the context of Western Europe or the United States. To get a better understanding of the experiences of women worldwide...