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ALBUM REVIEW: Amber Run- ‘For a Moment, I Was Lost’

’For a Moment, I Was Lost’, proves a welcome relief to those with hungry ears and a hankering for raw ingenuity of sound. Holistically, Amber Run do very well at creating an introspective listening experience. The singles released so far, including ‘Fickle Game’, and ‘Haze’, are a tease to this. Paying homage to their previous works, a cinematic dynamic is maintained in each of the 12 tracks. Equally, they have ventured into new tonal territories that were previously unexplored. It is pleasing to note the blooming of this band into more seasoned artists. Instrumentally, vocally, and otherwise the album appeals to the considered listener. The architecture of the scores present themselves as a novel dichotomy of being both upbeat and melancholic. Moody and morose in sound at times such as in the opening track of ‘Insomniac’ an intimate and urgent appeal of their impassioned sound is expressed. Further, emotional elegies strike a chord with a more sensitive sensibility. The lament of ‘Are You Home?’ evokes an intimacy that is rarely replicated successfully. The trademark honesty of Keogh’s voice is complimented well with the instrumentals that are atmospheric and at times surprising as they climax to a heavier, meatier sound likened somewhat to Nothing But Thieves. Other artists within their scene of sound include London Grammar, who have a similar moody verve in common. ‘For A Moment, I Was Lost’, is a treat, and I look forward to seeing how these songs will translate into an equally as immersive live performance. I’d implore listeners to devour each lilting note as they unfold. Thank you Amber Run for this glowing five star addition to your discography, and allowing us to revel in the atmosphere of your evoking sound.

Pre-order Amber Run’s ‘For a Moment I Was Lost’ due to release on the 10th of Feb here

Hannah West