Football v.s Rugby – The Great Debate

by Matt Lewis

With the Six Nations kicking off this weekend in grand style I thought it would be perfect to mark
the beginning of my online column by sensibly discussing the infamous debate of whether
football or rugby is the better sport. However, seeing as my undying love for football seems to
already be taking control of proceedings, I’m slightly regretting choosing to get into the
ridiculous amount of reasons why football is simply in it’s own league compared to rugby, and all
other sports for that matter, especially seeing as I promised to keep this fairly brief. Well, it’s too
late to go back now.

Before I fall too far into the black hole of bias discussion, I would like to point out that I do in fact
enjoy rugby very much, and despite my very insignificant volume, I did in fact once play the
stupid sport. Therefore, I think my arguments should be taken very seriously and you should all
follow my lead in worshipping the great sport of football.

My first point of reasonings from the perspective of the fans. Although I don’t exactly support a
rugby team, in the International game, which pretty much only refers to the Six Nations, I cheer
on England in typical welsh style; at the pub with a ‘two-pinter’ in hand and most of its original
contents down my shirt. I’m even forced to get behind the Wales team, as my barely welsh dad
insists on taking me to a game at the Principality once a year, which usually consists of the two
of us sitting quietly between a screaming lady who I can only assume is supporting Wales, and
a group of extremely intoxicated gentlemen who seem to forget they’re at a rugby game and
instead wobble about cheering on themselves. I do agree that the atmosphere at international
rugby games is incredible, but only for the first ten minutes when the cool fireworks are
exploding and the flames are warming your toes. The rest of it is a waste of money. Football
matches however, consist of 90 passion filled minutes, with every single fan refusing to take
their eyes of the game, or put their bum on the chair. I can confidently say some of my happiest
times have been when my team have scored, and me and my fellow supporters have leapt on top
of each other regardless of whether we know each other or not. I think that’s a point to football.
The second aspect of the two sports that I believe (know) makes football that much better than
rugby is the participation. Like I said, I’ve played both sports, and to be honest I think most boys
have. I’m not being sexist, I’m just referring to the good old days when every single male,
whether you enjoy sport or not, are dragged through the mud and rain during your two
compulsory P.E lessons a week. I’m pretty sure if you asked every single boy in the world
whether or not they preferred getting crumpled by the gigantic lads who went through
precocious puberty at a ridiculous age and had actually played and enjoyed rugby form a young
age, or would rather run rings around the exact same beasts in a game of football, I think the
results would massively speak for themselves in favour of football. Of course, being a
professional rugby player would be a whole other ball game, not only because you’re actually
quite good at the sport, but also because you will forever have the greatest chat up line known
to man or woman. However, this argument in favour of rugby is soon demolished once you
observe the pay packets of both male and female rugby and football players. That’s two goals to
nil for football.

I could rant on for hours about how much better football is than rugby, but I’m already into
added time and I think the scoreboard speaks for itself. Football wins!