Review: A Chorus Line, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

A Chorus Line, Wednesday 21st December, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Reviewer: Hannah Stait. 

This Wednesday I found myself in the beautiful Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama to watch Kinetic Theatre’s winter production of A Chorus Line, the show that provides a glimpse into the personalities and lives of dancers auditioning to be a part of a chorus line, showing us each the trials of their youth as they fight for the spotlight to win the gruelling director Zach’s approval.

Kinetic Theatre is a relatively new non profit company having been founded in 2013 and is run by Artistic Director Kris Crowley and Musical Directors Emma Pawsey and Liz York. This relatively new but incredibly talented company have definitely achieved a lot in the last few years and this show definitely shows the hard work and passion that shines through the cast of young performers, many of whom show incredible talents in singing, dancing and acting.

One of the standout performances comes from Kit Sweet who played domineering director Zach and he took on this role with clear confidence and maturity. Having himself placed behind the audience meant that he could of suffered from lack of projection, but boy did he get himself heard. Having him in this placement that us as viewers got to feel in his position, listening and judging each of the personalities on stage.

I could spend pages and pages talking about the talent that was on the stage throughout this performance but I am sorry to say I can only mention a few but this cast managed to blow my mind with their skills, especially with the ages of the actors who worked together incredibly well. The roles of Diana and Val played in this performance by Toria Atkinson and Jade Wellbeloved blew me away with the strength of their voices and performed their solo songs ‘Dance: 10, Looks: 3’ and ‘What I did for Love’ with incredibly passion and power throughout, staying professional even with the occasional mic hiccup.

Jack Meek did incredible as Paul, his monologue showing incredible ranges of emotion which was able to connect with the audience and engaged us with the character and his history. I could go on and on about each member of the cast but I really feel that they worked so well together and you could really feel the chemistry and energy between them, almost family-like.

The highlight of the show for me was the music numbers which were performed with such energy that you couldn’t help but fall in love with the show. They definitely did the show justice and you can really see the determination of the cast who did really well to stay in character at times.

The cast did incredibly well in their performance and I definitely think there’s stars to be created from Kinetic.

10/10, Amazing!

by Hannah Stait