The Best Fashion Apps To Download

Words by Katie Chester

Often when you think about fashion apps you think about those aimed towards younger girls, but there are so many different apps which will have you glued to your phone! From making shopping really simple to closet organizing and outfit planning, stylist servicing and industry tips. If you’re still using your phone’s internet browser to shop the latest ASOS drop, and consequently have 20 tabs open, let me enlighten you on the ease and joy of clothing apps. Many of these apps have in-app features such as creating wishlists and moodboards, as well as being notified when an item you love is back in stock. Moreover, many of these apps were founded by female entrepreneurs, so it is amazing that they are getting the notice they deserve and a powerful move for women in technology.

21 Buttons was founded in 2016 and is the ultimate hybrid of social media and fashion. It’s a platform that allows users to share outfits, earn money, discover new trends, and combine and purchase garments directly from the application. It is particularly popular with those with a high following, as they can affiliate link their clothing pieces from their photos where it can be purchased on their 21 Buttons page, earning them money at the same time. Favourite looks can additionally be stored and saved on the user’s profile on the app for future reference or inspiration.

Available for iOS or Android.

The app is the single largest influencer shopping app.It was founded by power couple Amber Venz and Baxter Box in 2011, and ever since has generated over $2.7 billion in retail sales. With the app, you can scroll through a variety of photos and select which look you’d like to recreate. From there, you can shop and add anything you need to your wardrobe. It’s so intuitive that you can even “heart,” shop, or share images you love.Here, you’ll get access to shop millions of products styled by, on, and for real people. Right at your fingertips, everything in the app is 100% shoppable, so you can instantly shop whatever catches your eye.

Available for iOS or Android

Vinted is a female founded online community marketplace. Many have described it as a more user-friendly and cheaper version of Depop, with sellers charging fair prices for second-hand clothing. The idea for the platform came when founder Milda Mitkute needed to offload excess clothing during the process of moving house. Vinted does not charge its users for listing or even selling their unwanted items, and you can select your own P&P option when checking out to ensure you are not being overcharged for postage.

Available for iOS or Android.

Dying to know where that influencer got her outfit from? If you’ve ever seen a picture of an outfit you love but don’t know where to purchase it, The Hunt allows users to post photos of the items that they are looking for whilst other community members help them figure out where to find it by posting the direct shopping links, as well as trendy alternatives. The Hunt is here to solve all fashion mysteries!

Available for iOS or Android.

Stylebook is an amazing app to help you organize your wardrobe. Having the option to view all of your clothes and find style inspiration within your own closet is the easiest way to be both sustainable and stylish. With Stylebook, you can upload your closet and play with new outfit ideas.

Available for iOS or Android.

WiShi (Wear it, Share it) is a community powered fashion website and mobile application. Members upload their clothing items and accessories to create collages of outfits to recommend and share with the online WiShi community. WiShi stylists help you shop online, while incorporating what’s already in your wardrobe. Their professional stylists have access to every brand in the world, from designer to high street, and so it’s a great option when we ‘have nothing to wear.’

Dowload it here.

Many of us know that more often than not, once it is seen on the ‘gram it is never seen again, with our lovely clothes just gathering dust in our wardrobe. Rent the Runway is an innovative, sustainable way to shop new clothes. The app allows endless rental options to look your best without the guilt of hanging onto pieces you’ll never wear again. You’re able to ‘borrow’ trendy and designer pieces, perfect for when you are looking for something to wear to a special occasion, but don’t want to fork out a huge price tag. Even more, after you “heart” an image, it appears in a folder that you can easily get to using the navigation panel.

Download it here.

Unlike Rent the Runway, By Rotation is a peer-to-peer fashion rental marketplace, meaning they do not buy any inventory whatsoever. It was founded by Eshita Kabra, who came up with the idea while she was planning her honeymoon and questioned the ethics and sustainability of fashion blogger’s clothing choices, with many items most likely only being worn once. There is no subscription fee and no waiting list. Users have the option to ‘lend’ and ‘rent’ clothes, with prices ranging from £12 for a House of Sunny cardigan to £40 for a Bottega Veneta bag. Even better, the app is open to all genders.

Available for iOS or Android.

A simple but meaningful concept, 30 Wears is a community-driven app encouraging its users to wear garments at least thirty times before replacing them. This app is easy to use, simply upload your clothes and tag an item every time you wear it. Hopefully, we can all become more conscious about wearing the clothing we already own before shopping new. 

Available for iOS or Android.

With Karma, users are able to save both time and money. Also available as a browser extension, Karma notifies you when your favourite items are on sale. It sends you real-time price and inventory updates on products you’ve saved, so you can make sure you purchase at the right time. Karma also allows you to make money whilst you shop, as it gives you full automatic cashback on hundreds of retailers.

Available for iOS or Android.