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Quenchmas Countdown: Day 10 – ‘Nativity’

Nativity is the perfect example of a family Christmas film in my opinion, because it embraces the key magic ingredients which make Christmas such a special time of year as a child.

In the wonderful motion picture starring Martin Freeman, we re-learn about friendship, the love from those close to you and bringing joy to the world. Being part of the school Nativity was always a huge thing for me growing up, I adored the festivities and also an excuse to get up on the stage (what’s new?) and it really brings so many amazing memories back watching this film and seeing the most humorous and caring Mr Poppy and all the gorgeous children working really hard to perfect their parts and do their school proud.

The final scene is truly magnificent, where the school’s playground gets transformed into the set of a blockbuster theatre performance, with upbeat tunes to rival High School Musical, and nothing says “Merry Christmas” better than seeing a five year old dressed as a star, a donkey causing havoc, a teacher taking time away from his stresses to enjoy the little things, and many a parent with a tear in their eyes adorning their kids.

Family is such a big part of the season for me – and this truly funny and heartwarming film really hits home!

By Rachael Hutchings