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Quenchmas Countdown: Day 17 – ‘The Santa Clause’

“Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing.”

Arguably one of Tim Allen’s films, aside from his recognisable role as Buzz Lightyear, The Santa Clause is truly a 1994 family Christmas classic. It is centred around Neil who, with the help of his young son Charlie and the North Pole’s head elf, has to adapt to the biggest promotion of his life, i.e. becoming Santa Clause. After accidentally killing the actual man in a red coat one night, Neil finds himself contracted to inherit the role and ensure that all the children of the world on the ‘nice list’ receive their presents. This is all whilst retaining a strong relationship with his son after becoming recently divorced from his mother and convincing the authorities that he is the real deal.

Slightly underrated as a Christmas film, this story of both the magic and pure belief around Christmas, for both adults and children alike, is very comical as well as equally heart-warming. Despite rejecting his role, Neil has to deal with sudden weight gain, pressure from the elves, cravings for milk and cookies and extreme greying all in the preparation.

In retrospect, how relatable is this to the average stressful year of university?

This is not an ideal film to watch around young children who have a strong belief in Father Christmas. However, I would recommend The Santa Clause to anyone who wants to revisit their childhood when the enchantment and wonder of Santa, Reindeers and the North Pole was at its peak.

By Cristina O’Brien