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Quenchmas Countdown: Day 20 – ‘Trapped in Paradise’

The movie follows the story of three brothers trying to escape from Paradise…the town. This low-key great Christmas-themed comedy crime film is absolutely hilarious, and I am always shocked when I find out that not many people have watched it.

The film follows Dave and Alvin Furbo, portrayed by two SNL greats: Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey, as they trick their older brother Bill, played by Nicolas Cage, into breaking into a family-run bank in a small town called Paradise. Little does Bill know, Dave and Alvin learnt about the poorly-secured bank from a bully inmate whilst they were doing time in prison for petty stealing and kleptomania, respectively. The whole robbery scene is pure gold, as Dave makes the whole bank sing Christmas Carols and do stretching exercises whilst Bill takes his time in searching for the vault key. The film will leave you in stitches with its approved-American-humour-that-makes-British-people-laugh.

After swiftly escaping the grasp of the local sheriff, the Furbo brothers constantly try to escape Paradise. A series of misfortunes enfold from not being able to drive out of the town’s state border (Alvin: ‘‘The map told me to take four lefts’’), a car crash and bumping into the family they just robbed. The film is just filled with ups and downs but always sticking to the spirit of Christmas.

So, if you and your family are looking for an easy-watch film to see whilst grinning at your full belly after Christmas dinner, I totally recommend you watch this film!

By Marielle Wilkinson